IE9, JQuery/JavaScript, and broken select boxes

I hope nobody else has this problem, but just in case, here’s the thing I had to diagnose this afternoon: a few select boxes (those things that drop down a list of options and you choose one) were immediately closing themselves in IE9, which prevented changing their options. It only happened in IE, but I noticed the same elements were causing strange behavior in the Chrome developer tools—computed styles couldn’t be expanded, the attribute checkboxes were flickering, and the JS console was slow and stuttery when opening it with ESC). That behavior tipped me off that there was probably something strange happening in our code, not just in IE. Turns out that to automatically check a text input for matching content in our database, someone had implemented a jQuery function to run every 250ms, and that’s somehow interfering with the select elements. It’s not solved yet, so look forward to an update after I find a solution that (hopefully!) keeps all the functionality intact.

Update: I was unable to find the real cause of this problem. I worked around it by checking for a text match only on blur (when the text input loses focus, i.e., you click or tab away from the input field). This solved the problem, and had the side benefit of reducing the calls to the server, particularly because using JavaScript’s setInterval meant the function kept being called, even after the modal dialog had closed!


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