How I taught myself to code and got a programming job in under a year

I gave a talk at Rails Girls Berlin today about how I learned to code all on my own and turned it into a job. There have been several requests already to see the slides, so I wanted to get them up right away. I hope to add all the links in the talk as links on this article soon, as well as additional resources that I didn’t have time for in the talk. For now, enjoy the slides!

[update (5 May 2013)] I gave a slightly revised version of the talk at the Rails Girls Berlin 1st Anniversary workshop. The revised slide deck can be found here. [end update]

My projects

Rails, Git, Heroku, and Stack Overflow

Development Tools

  • Rubular (experiment with regular expressions, a.k.a. ‘regexes’)
  • Markdown (simple formatting used by Github and Stack Overflow for user comments; can also be used for user input from your projects!)
  • Pow (Mac-only local server tool; you can use this instead of firing up rails s)

Design Tools


About joanwolk

3 things I like: theater, food, geekery. 3 things I don't like: clichés, blisters, coffee.
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4 Responses to How I taught myself to code and got a programming job in under a year

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  3. Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing! So inspiring! I just attended a railsgirls workshop and I’m trying to absorb as much as I can right now so I can start building my own web apps and find work.

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